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Jewish Co-Working in Kreuzberg

Our Vision

We hope  to build a strong, sustainable, future-oriented, inclusive and diverse Jewish community in Berlin. Eruv Hub focuses on strengthening competencies and the cooperation of participating organizations through increased networking, training, coaching, mentoring, leadership programs and mutual exchange.


Networking, mutual support, encounters and learning are the main goals of the Eruv Hub - a Jewish co-working space where the great diversity of Jewish organizations in Berlin can come together. We lean towards inclusion and cooperation instead of going it alone. Only when we come together to learn from each other can we make our greatest possible impact in society and the world at large. Additionally unique is that the Eruv Hub shares the premises with numerous other social organizations, so that a network is created that extends far beyond the Jewish community.


All Jewish non-profit organizations should benefit from such a networking location: Small organizations and newly founded initiatives need access to resources and professional development in order to expand their own capacities and reach. Established organizations gain creative ideas and new perspectives through partnerships with young initiatives. We grow together. 

The Space: bUm – Place for an Engaged Society

Eruv Hub is located in the premises of bUm (betterplace Umspannwerk), which is only a few minutes walk from the Fraenkelufer Synagogue, in Kreuzberg heart of social innovation. bUm opened in October 2019 as a meeting place, a forum. With the support of Google, infrastructure, programs and spaces for non-profit organizations and social initiatives from Berlin and all of Germany are being created. bUm is operated by Betterplace and Karuna, two important social actors. The residents, i.e. the users of the Eruv Hub, benefit from their experience.

Eruv Hub as Part of the Reconstruction of the Jewish Center in Kreuzberg
Eruv Hub is a joint initiative of various partner organizations from the Jewish community. It is part of the plan to create a Jewish center in Kreuzberg. To this end, the association “Jewish Center Synagogue Fraenkelufer” (JZSF) was founded in 2018 to build an open house for Jewish learning and the Jewish community on the site of the Kreuzberg synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis. In this context, Eruv Hub is intended to make a constructive contribution to the cohesion of Jewish life in Berlin.

What does 'Eruv' mean?

The concept of "Eruv", literally translated as "bring together" or "mixture", stands for the connection of private and public space to a unity. The newly created space enables previously disadvantaged groups to be included. In addition, Eruv has the same root as the Hebrew word "Meuravut", which is often used in the context of social engagement.

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